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Winter + Summer energy savings

Energy control is one of the first places to begin when creating a natural and healthy environment. Window fashions are increasingly being recognized for their money and carbon saving potential in warmer climates. Our shades bring nature inside providing that warm and cozy feeling we all desire during cooler times of the year.

There are some great attempts around the industry in sharing the wide array or energy saving potential. Whether it is an "R' value or an arbitrary "star" rating, few of these systems do little more than confuse the subject. We agree, all window treatments will have an impact on the overall energy management of a home or facility. We are however the first and only company to understand and address the rising concern of how these materials directly effect health over time.

At Earthshade we rate our materials utilizing an established system of measurement offering you the ability to gauge the performance potential in real life conditions without arbitrary comparisons. Our "R-values" for example directly correlate to the rest of a wall system including framing, sheathing, insulation etc, that together form the insulating system. Likewise with summer performance, we list solar control of our materials as a percentage of reduction. We will further be the first to point out that there are a number of other variables that will determine performance. At every step we strive to provide clear and concise information that may provide real money savings in addition to a lower overall footprint.

Please continue reading below for additional energy performance information

Insulating roman shade: Winter Lotus Energy Saving Hemp Shade Insulating Roller Shade

Winter Lotus w/ Insuliner™

TrueGreen™ Hemp

RL-O White

"Before we added the Malaysian Milk with lightfilter lining panels our HVAC would cycle two times an hour all through the morning sun! Now with 95 degree days outside it cycles only a few times each morning!" Kathy, Omaha, Ne.

A window system attempts to minimize 3 forces that together may equal higher heating and or cooling costs.

Or transfer of energy through materials. A materials “R” value attempts to describe a measurement of this transfer. The higher the “R” value, the slower the rate of transfer. Most double glazed gas filled window systems boast a whopping R 1-3! while an average insulated 2 x 4 constructed wall should measure R 13 (2 x 6: R 19)!

Or the movement of energy due to circulation currents of air; I.e. heat rises and cool air sinks (as density changes). This is of particular concern when considering the most efficient fit of a window shade. Once a shade is mounted, an air space is created between the shade and the glass. The heat will transfer through the glass faster (conduction) cooling this air. The “heat sink effect” then allows the air to sink towards the window sill (warmer air rising) instead of crawling around the sides of the shade. This reality makes tracks, velcro, or side rails an unnecessary additional cost to the owner and the environment.

Refers to the efficiency of the window systems ability to resist the wind (even a cool breeze). This is where the proper fit as well as the following points will have a remarkable effect on the savings of a complete window system;

-Window type: single, double, or triple glazing, and type of gas between (Argon) or coating applied to glass (low “E”).
-Efficiency of manufactured seals and or weather stripping (the “breeze” effect).
-Amount of insulation in the wall cavity around the installed window including proper sealing, flashing, or caulking.
-Type and installation style of interior window trim (may dictate shade mounting parameters to a degree).

Some manufacturer's supply side tracks in forms ranging from simple velcro to actual PVC or aluminum side track systems to “seal” the side of the window shade to the window. Extensive testing has shown this practice is of little gain ultimately resulting in the overuse of raw material, premium pricing, and encumbered operation.

Heat is gained through a window system primarily through the "greenhouse effect" where the rays of the sun are strong enough to permeate the glass. Some of this energy is then transferred to the space as well as its surfaces. What energy that is reflected back towards the glass is then too weak to permeate back through increasing the heat in the space. Both the Happyshades Roman as well as the Safeshades Roller line offer a wide array of options that will reduce, reflect, absorb, or cut Summer heat gain increasing the efficiency of ventilation systems thereby saving energy and money while cutting Carbon emissions.

Many of the more open HappyShade fabrics will preserve the view, reduce glare, and provide a 40 - 60% reduction of the suns energy! With fabrics designed specifically for this, the SafeShades Roller line offers an economical solution in the lowest emission solar screen fabrics. Note, that colors will perform drastically different. Dark colors will absorb energy and light increasing the view through whereas a lighter fabric with the same openness (fabric weave density) will reflect the energy and light reducing the view and increasing the overall light level.


- Due to the nature of the material: *color, grain, texture, privacy and light transparency may vary according to the inherent characteristics of the materials.

-Though we strive to control every last detail regarding our shade production, some patterns (including those that are GreenGuard or Oeko Tex certified) may not be suitable for our friends with chemical sensitivities. Please call for additional details.

-Some patterns may require additional operating options based on ordered dimensions, conditions, and or customer desires. An Earthshade Representative will assist with recommendations.

-Minor stretching and twisting is inherent to the materials and may require a varying amount of time to acclimate. Sun exposure may cause discoloration or fading

-Kindly see Order-Contact for Additional terms, conditions, and warranty details

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