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HappyShades™ Roman Gallery


"Master of Bedrooms"

Pattern: TrueGreen Hemp (Ribbed and seamed)

Operating Option: Standard Roman Fold w/
Although sometimes cumbersome at such size,
this option
allows for the view to be
preserved along with privacy.

Hemp top-down-bottum-up
Blackout lined shades-Sanctuary



"Traditional Bedroom"

Pattern: Red Sanctuary with Black Out Liner

Operating Option: Standard Roman Fold
3 separate shades are shown. An alternative option would be 3 shades on 1 headrail

"Contemporary Living"

Pattern:Tahiti Twist

Operating Option: Standard Roman Fold

Chemical free solar screen-Tahiti Twist

Jorge weaving



"Jorge's Office"

Weaving "fresh" bamboo into "fresh" Ho Chi fabric

"Teniendo un buen dia" - "Having a Great day!"

HappyTrack™ Panel Glide

Pattern: Persian Peace

Fabulous option for large openings, window walls, and or sliding patio doors
Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 ultra-slim tracks.

HappyTrack-Panel Glide-Persian Peace

Skylight Shades-Tigers Meow




Pattern: Tigers Meow

Operating Option: Manually operated skylight
Rustic draping and operation make our skylight shading system an ideal functional and decorative solution. Call for additional details!

"Function Following Form"

Pattern: Malaysian Milk with TrueGreen Hemp
Lightfilter lining

Operating Option: Standard Roman with Rollease.

Bedroom shades-Malaysian Milk

Hemp roman shades-Living room



"Clear the AIr"

Pattern: TrueGreen Hemp

Operating Option: Standard Roman with Ribs. Also available as "Flat" roman.

"Team Mexico"

Open air, day-lit weaving and custom fabrication
by three generations.
Hand weaving and assembly in our Mexico City facility
insures purity while conforming to import regulations...

open air manufacturing-Team Mexico


HappyTrack-Panel-Glide-Sliding door



"Happy Dining"

Pattern: Malaysian Milk with Truegreen Hemp Lightfilter Lining

Operating Option: HappyTrack Panel Glide

"French Boudoir"

Pattern: TrueGreen Hemp

Operating Option: Standard Roman Fold
TrueGreen Hemp Insuliner

Turgreen eco-hemp self lined


Rolls of Sisal




"On The Line"

Fiber: Sisal

From Agave, This fiber has been used since the 19th century as a fiber, in twine, rope, paper, wall coverings, rugs, other textiles and now HappyShades!

"Bankers Holiday"

Pattern: Ginger Grass

Operating Option: Standard Roman Fold
Optional non-toxic, bio- based Fire Retardant.

Eco-grass-shades-Bank lobby-Ginger Grass



- Due to the nature of the material: *color, grain, texture, privacy and light transparency may vary according to the inherent characteristics of the materials.

-Though we strive to control every last detail regarding our shade production, some patterns (including those that are GreenGuard or Oeko Tex certified) may not be suitable for our friends with chemical sensitivities. Please call for additional details.

-Some patterns may require additional operating options based on ordered dimensions, conditions, and or customer desires. An Earthshade Representative will assist with recommendations.

-Minor stretching and twisting is inherent to the materials and may require a varying amount of time to acclimate. Sun exposure may cause discoloration or fading

-Kindly see Order-Contact for Additional terms, conditions, and warranty details

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