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HappyShades™ Roman operating options

Standard Roman style operation



Our most popular "best fit" option. A timeless classic. Shade lifts in the Roman fold to become its own decorative element in a room.

-Shade is mounted to the back of the headrail.
-Cord lock & tassel lift mechanism mounted beneath.
-Free hanging 6” valance mounted to the front.
-Wrapped recycled metal bar for Bottom rail.
-Linings available for most sizes (additional charge).
-Child safety features meet ANSI/WCMA standard A100.1.
-Min. width is 10” Max. width is 71" - 120".
-Min depth for flush inside mount is 2 3/4.

No additional charge

Old Style Roman shade  


Shade is mounted to the front of the headrail without a valance, lending a cleaner look. Shade lifts in the roman fold as the Standard Roman and becomes its own valance.

Note: Operating cords are located behind shade. Shade itself will project approx. 2 3/4".

-Insuliner™ or Hemp Lightfilter linings available for most sizes (additional charge).
-Child safety features meet ANSI/WCMA standard A100.1.

No additional charge.

Roman Rollease clutch operation  


Clutch Mechanism and continuous chain offer controlled lift for larger shades assuring even lifting while reducing tangling of operating cords, and optimizing longevity of shades at many sizes.

-Free hanging 6” valance mounted to front of headrail
-Shade is mounted to the back of headrail
-Insuliner™ or Hemp Lightfilter linings available for most sizes (additional charge).
-Min. width is 20” -Max. width is 71" - 120"
-Min depth for flush inside mount is 3 1/2"

$125 additional investment per shade.



Two shades in one! Lining operates as a separate shade providing Max. flexibility in light and privacy control.

-Available with Standard or Old Style Roman.
See notes above.
-Choice of our exclusive TrueGreen Hemp™ lightfilter privacy lining fabric or conventional blackout fabric.
-Face shade mounted to front or middle of headrail.
-Lining shade mounted to back of headrail.
-Operating cords on both left and right side.

Lining upgrade +15% additional investment per shade.

-Click thumbnail for larger image-




Shade can be raised from the bottom, or lowered from the top, letting in light or view while maintaining privacy below.

-Free hanging 6” valance mounted to front of headrail
-Shade is suspended at middle rail.
-Note additional cords.
-Insuliner™ or Hemp Lightfilter linings available for most sizes (additional charge).
-Min. width is 20” Max. width is 96 for many patterns.
Min depth for flush inside mount is 2 3/4".

25% additional investment per shade.

Panel Glide-HappyTrack  

Replacing the verticals of the 80's, our new Panel Glide system is an elegant and easy operating option to cover large windows, patio doors, or even as a partition wall.

-Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 track.
-Right, left, or split stack.
-Ceiling or wall mount.
-Some patterns NOT available.
-Cord or child/pet safe wand control.
-Width from 24"- 174", Length from 42 - 150".
-Can be abutted for larger spans.

Click on the HappyTrack™ under HappyShade roman above
for details and pricing

Safetech Motorized Shade  


Featuring Certified Expert Technology, motorization provides automated convenience and control as an ideal solution for large openings, heavy fabric loads, or just for the fun of it!

-Healthy Low EMF, Energy saving.
-Linings available for most sizes.
-Shades can be operated individually or in groups.
-Wireless cost saving radio frequency technology.
-Handheld remote, wall switch, weather sensor, + more!
-Min. width is 25”.
-Max. width is 120 for many patterns”.

Please call our Certified Experts for details & pricing.

Two Shades on One headrail  


A decorative option for large openings divides the width mounting 2 or more shades on a single headrail w/ a continuous valance greatly improving operation and longevity for heavy fabric loads.

-Free hanging 6” continuous valance mounted to front of headrail with shades mounted to the back of headrail.
-1/2” space between shades.
-Linings available for most sizes (additional charge).
-Rollease clutch, Safetech™ motorization also available.

$50 additional investment per group of shades.

Shades for Angles and Arches  


Specialty shapes can also be covered beautifully with our exclusive compostable hand woven patterns using your templates.

Featured in Natural Home and Garden Magazine.

- Some configurations may have limited or no operation. -Light and or view through may also vary.


Please call for details & pricing.


Fabric rolls and hides behind itself on roll. Standard clutch is operated by continuous chain.

Available with Persian Peace, Malaysian Milk, Winter Lotus, Prairie Mat, Malaysian Moss, Ginger Grass, or Moroccan Magic ONLY with or without integrated headrail and valance.

Standard: $95 additional investment per shade.
Motorized: Please call for pricing and details


- Due to the nature of the material: *color, grain, texture, privacy and light transparency may vary according to the inherent characteristics of the materials.

-Though we strive to control every last detail regarding our shade production, some patterns (including those that are GreenGuard or Oeko Tex certified) may not be suitable for our friends with chemical sensitivities. Please call for additional details.

-Some patterns may require additional operating options based on ordered dimensions, conditions, and or customer desires. An Earthshade Representative will assist with recommendations.

-Minor stretching and twisting is inherent to the materials and may require a varying amount of time to acclimate. Sun exposure may cause discoloration or fading

-Kindly see Order-Contact for Additional terms, conditions, and warranty details

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