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Customer Service: Pricing, Ordering, + Contact

Excited and ready to go? Since 1999 we have simplified an often complex process for ordering custom window fashions.
Please begin by reviewing the important information below including Pricing, Dealer information, and the "cost of green".

Pricing - Ordering
For those who are located within a comfortable distance we will require you contact one of our dealer partners for their experience, hands on sampling, and or additional services that may include measuring and installation. Additionally your support will contribute to sustaining your local economy in a number of wonderful ways.

Happy Dealer Link

For those outside a comfortable distance, we have refined a step by step process since 1999 that will insure a simplified, accurate, and personable direct purchasing experience. To begin, we ask that you help us to help you by providing these initial time-saving criteria:

1. Choose a fabric: click here for Roman or here for Safeshades Roller (or narrow your choices down to about 3)

2. Choose an Operating style (We may assist with additional recommendations depending on window conditions):

HappyShade Roman Options | SafeShade Roller Options | HappyTrack Panel Glide Options

3. Follow Easy Window Measuring & measure your windows

4. Call or use the links below to email with the above information so that we may address your concerns and take things to the next step.


A specialist will respond in a timely fashion

To Order Call: 413.528.5443
If our team is busy, Please leave a message.

Cost of Green
Many factors affect the final cost of a product or goods. In addition to traditional production and market considerations, we are consistently looking at real costs including living wages, reduced carbon footprint, and many others that often include re-creating production practices to omit chemicals or other common practices. Sometimes we have to make additional considerations for import or other regulations that often add steps that other producers are not required to take in order to maintain purity. These graphs show one of the many results of a recently completed comprehensive market study for an "average" window size of 36" wide x 48" high for woven roman shades. Call today to see roller shade and panel glide industry comparison charts:

Cost of Shades

For additional info and a comparison of the quality that goes into each and every Happyshade click here

Your Questions Answered and Some Window Terms Defined

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Personal Checks are greatly appreciated. Chase Quickpay or Popmoney payment service may be available. This is largely a choice for containing costs to our customers in an effort to bring a natural product to market at or below the cost of conventional counterparts. All payments must be received and cleared in full before any order will be shipped.

Q: I am not very confident in online-shopping for custom goods.
A: Not to worry, at Earthshade we believe in personal contact. We want to hear and get to know our customers. We use technology as a tool to save paper. Most orders are taken the old fashioned natural way via the phone. A contract is then drawn and sent via fax or email for a final review and signature before we will proceed with your order. For ten years this process has nearly eliminated issues and/or errors related to order communication.

Q: Can I change or alter my order?
A: Quite simply, no. Once the order is placed it is immediately sent into production. This enables us to get your hand crafted shades to you in a timely fashion. Our patient and experienced professional staff are happy to assist in any way necessary to insure a confident and accurate measuring and ordering experience.

Q: Is measuring and installing shades difficult?
A: No. We have designed our instructions on the website to be followed step by step. As always, your questions and or concerns will be met with patience and understanding. All we ask is that you take the time to communicate questions or uncertainties. Our staff has been successfully coaching customers of all ages via phone since 1999.

Q: Why should I buy these instead of others that look very similar?
A: Many other manufacturers use substances in their finishes that may be unsafe for your health. Researchers are finding more and more additives and chemicals that are often mandated in common dyes, glues, or finishes having an adverse affect on health and/or the environment. Our shades are hand made from natural materials that often grow as quickly as they are consumed. There is nothing like the real thing!

Q: If I am not sure of color or texture on my computer what should I do?
A: Provided that your computer is set for optimal appearance the photos are a great start. Actual swatches are available once your choices are narrowed and we have provided a quote. The natural grasses, reeds, and bamboos are going to vary in their natural appearance. This is a quality inherent to the materials.

Q: What about allergies or chemical sensitivities?
A: We have not had any complaints of allergy problems with our natural materials. These materials are bathed in natural hydrogen peroxide to kill most allergens. They are then sun-dried to further eliminate the potential of allergic reactions. Though we strive to control every last detail regarding shade production, some patterns may not be suitable for our friends with chemical sensitivities and or allergies.

Q: What should I do if my shades come damaged or I need warranty work?
A: The world is an imperfect place full of well meaning people attempting to do great things. Our staff and vendors are perfect in there imperfections! As with any question or concern, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call. While challenges may arise, we have the experience and drive to meet any challenge. With patience, we always strive for excellence in everything that we do for you.

CORD LOCK - The mechanism that acts as a brake securing a shade at a desired height.

HEAD RAIL - The "frame" at the top of the shade which supports the shades and houses the operating mechanism.

INSIDE MOUNT - See Easy Window Measuring for description and pictures.

MULLION - A vertical strip of wood that separates the panes of glass in a window.

OUTSIDE MOUNT - See Easy Window Measuring for description and pictures.

ROMAN SHADE - A style of shade, that when raised, forms a series of softly tailored folds.

VALANCE - The finishing touch that runs across the top of a window or window treatment often serving to mask the operating mechanisms.


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Due to the nature of the material; color, grain, texture, and light transparency can vary according to the inherent qualities of the natural materials used. Additionally, technology limitations concerning computer hardware and software may alter the appearance of color, texture, and light transparency on our website. We have however made every effort to maintain the highest representations possible.

Patterns may not be suitable for customers with chemical sensitivities and/or allergies. Additional information may apply.

Orders are not processed without receipt of a signed, individualized contract. Orders are not shipped without payment in full. Payment is accepted only by check or money order. Chase Quickpay or Popmoney payment service may be available. Credit cards are not accepted as an effort to keep prices down an average of 5%. Please see questions answered above.

Additional terms and or notes may apply. Due to the nature of "custom" all sales are final. No refunds.

Returns and Exchanges
Because our natural shades are hand-woven and custom made to your specifications for your windows, our shades are not returnable for any reason other than manufacture defect or warranty repairs. Please see warranty below. Because custom shade orders are processed quickly, we cannot allow cancellations or alterations once a signed contract is received.

In keeping with the standards of our industry we offer the following warranty. For the life of the custom shade, we will repair without charge, any part of the shade manufactured by us which is defective in materials or workmanship. Any claim including those for damaged or incorrectly configured shades for the life of the shade(s) will be met with consideration for the lowest impact on the planet. Return for repair at our discretion is the original purchasers sole remedy available. This guarantee does NOT cover normal wear and tear including cords, improper installation, incidental or consequential damages, freight, labor, trip charges, service calls, or packing related to removal, transport, and or re-installation which may occur as a result of defects in materials or workmanship. Should portions of this warranty be void in a state the remainder will remain in effect. Original packaging is required for service, damage, or warranty claims.

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