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Since 1999 Earthshade staff and partners have gained a deep understanding for the window fashions industry including its profit motivated representatives. Innovations have remained subtle over the last twenty or so years while competition, replication, and consolidation consistently reduce quality, ultimately concentrating large profits among an ever decreasing supply chain. Yet others are simply jumping on the bandwagon; over emphasizing the slightest "eco-conscious" attributes their products may or may not actually embody.

Earthshade Natural Window Fashions acknowledges a universal picture as a whole; Realizing that window fashions can indeed play a vital role in many life cycles of Mother Nature with minimal impact, deep aesthetic beauty, and lasting integrity.

Be sure to see "ShadeGrades" for additional industry info.  


RAW MATERIAL: Gathered primarily from Central and South America utilizing “Fair Trade Practices” as often as possible. Sun or air dried and crafted by hand. Naturally occurring Hydrogen Peroxide is used to cleanse and lighten the fibers where desired and allowed to evaporate leaving absolutely NO residue behind. Darker coloration for select patterns is obtained through primitive oven baking.

FABRIC:Hand woven in our Mexico City facility by three generations of family for over 50 years. Cotton based threading is used. Weaves are generally 2 to 3 times tighter than most others. Finishing agents, including lacquer, stains, fungicides, Ultraviolet protectants or other chemicals are NOT necessary, therefore not utilized. The only exception is the use of a water and Potassium based, low toxicity applied wash to Red Sanctuary, Turkish Twig (reeds only), Turkish Timber (reeds only), and Morrocan Magic.

SHADE FABRICATION: Mostly accomplished by hand by the same three generations of family for over 50 years utilizing the absolute highest quality recycled content hardware, cording, and reclaimed lumber when possible. Fabric scrap is often used for packing material.

REPUTATION: Using an old fashioned "mom and pop" business model now passionately called “Doing Business the old fashioned way”™, where our customers receive answers and the care they seek every step of the way. Since 1999, 98% of our customers report an above average experience with us.

PRICE: Proudly priced competitively with most industry standards of similar
“apparent” quality and or appearance.

Others may include: Hunter Douglas, Levelour, Kirsch, Graber, Bali,Budget Blinds, Conrad, Blinds to Go, Smith and Noble, Castec,
B & W, Horizon to name a few.

Our double strand weave using
heavy cotton based thread with 1 1/2 inch spacing.



RAW MATERIAL: Mostly China or Southeast Asia with little regard for labor, environment, or truthful business practice. Often kiln dried and usually treated with herbicide, fungicide, or other chemicals. Other product lines are often entirely fabricated from petroleum and or chemicals. Import laws mandate universal fumigation to avoid transfer of regional pathogens.

FABRIC: Also produced in China or Southeast Asia often with
petroleum based threading and as little material possible. Chemical based finishing agents are applied universally. Again labor and environment are of little regard. Often referred to as “meeting standards and practices of the region”.

SHADE FABRICATION: Generally done in the U.S. Union free, repetitive, fast paced, bland factory environment. Air quality, light quality, and wages are of low priority. Large percentage of hardware is outsourced from the far east as well.

REPUTATION: “Business as usual”, “Increase productivity and decrease cost”.

Competition is encouraged to the point of “whatever it takes to make a sale”.

Following extensive research into the various certification and testing organizations around the World (GreenGuard, OekoTex, Etc), Earthshade Natural Window Fashions remains above & alone with higher standards for health, safety, and purity than the strictest of testing procedures and standards.

The “others” single strand weave using
light petroleum blended thread with 2 1/2 inch spacing.

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