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SafeShades™ Roller Gallery

2 Panels on one tube Eco Roller Shades



"Safety in numbers"

Fabric: EN-1 Light-filter Color: Sand
Operating Option: Oversized Safetech clutch roller.
2 pieces of fabric on one roller tube with 1/2" space between.
A popular design detail and solution for openings larger than fabric widths.

"Personal Retreat"

Fabric: ES-1 Light-filter Color: Silk

Operating Option: Safetech Clutch with Reverse Roll
Fabric falls off the front of the tube projecting into the room.
1% open fabric offers filtering of light and maintained privacy.

Clutch Shades with reverse roll

Oversized motorized roller shades



"Bright and Airy"

Fabric:EV-3 Solar Screen Color: Saddle

Operating Option: Safetech Total Motorization.
Lighter colors reflect more light around a space with less view through.

"Chocolate Tree-House"

Fabric: EV-5 Solar Screen Color: Brown

Operating Option: Safetech Total Motorization Technology
Darker color allows for increased visibility through
with less privacy and excellent glare control.

Wall of Safetech Motorized roller shades

Large clutch closeup



"Super Clutch"

With one of the countries largest hardware inventories, SafeShades are available big, small, and super sized!

"Screening Room"

Fabric: EV-10 Solar Screen Color: Gray

Operating Option: Safetech Total Motorization
Wonderful control of glare while "supporting your view of the world™"

Motorized glare control roller shades

US Roller shade shop



"American Pride"

Our Safeshades line is proudly hand assembled in the US by three generations
Note: Like most shading options, components are often imported. We do however make every attempt to support USA based manufacturing whenever possible.

"Pure and Simple"

Fabric: EV-3 Color: Smoke
Operating Option: Safetech Clutch
More clutch and tube inventory means proper fit,
safer performance, increased durability, and ease of use.

Close-up of small clutch roller

Remote control shades



"Take Control"

Wireless controls (Low EMF) include hand held remote, wall mount remote, PDA interface, timer, weather sensor, and more as part of the SafeTech Total Motorization™ program.

"Managed Renewable's"

We source the cleanest and greenest materials
at every step for the benefit of People and Planet

Wood Roller-shade


Roller Shades with Fascias in a living room




"Dark and Lively"

Fabric: RL-O Light Control Color: Ice

Operating Option: Safetech Spring Roller with Custom Extruded Fascia assembly in white.

"Business Class"

Fabric: Infinity 5% Color: Silver

Commercial options include Green Certified Fire Rated fabrics including
Phifer Shearweave, Mermet, and more

Commercial Roller Shades


RollerShade with Fascia closeup




"One for all"

Fabric: RL-O Light control Color: Straw
Operating Option: SafeTech Clutch with Custom extruded Fascia assembly in white.


"State of the Art"

Each shade is individually hand crafted using the latest in efficient and appropriate technology reducing waste and energy usage while
insuring the highest quality and durability.

Hand making each roller shade


Wall with 4 Spring Roller shades



"Clean and Green"

Fabric: RL-O Color Silver

Operating Option: Safetech Spring roller




- Due to the nature of the material: *color, grain, texture, privacy and light transparency may vary according to the inherent characteristics of the materials.

-Though we strive to control every last detail regarding our shade production, some patterns (including those that are GreenGuard or Oeko Tex certified) may not be suitable for our friends with chemical sensitivities. Please call for additional details.

-Some patterns may require additional operating options based on ordered dimensions, conditions, and or customer desires. An Earthshade Representative will assist with recommendations.

-Minor stretching and twisting is inherent to the materials and may require a varying amount of time to acclimate. Sun exposure may cause discoloration or fading

-Kindly see Order-Contact for Additional terms, conditions, and warranty details

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