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Safeshades™ Roller operating options

SafeTech Clutch roller diagram

SafeTech Clutch™ Roller

Innovation and precision define this universal Roller system offering a simple and controllable solution.

-Arguably the nations largest hardware selection means properly engineered lasting shades for each window regardless of size.
-Universal white brackets with matching clutch.
-Durable nickle beaded chain for ease of use.
-Stop the shade exactly where you want it every time.
-Integrated lower rail for a designed uniform aesthetic with less raw material and less dust.

Safetech Spring Roller shade diagram  

SafeTech Spring™

Using the same institutional hardware the school shades of our youth had and possibly the industries only child safe option without an extra charge!

-Recycled steel tube construction for durability and coverage of larger openings.
-Basic unfinished mounting hardware.
-One of our economical shading options.
Controlled by grasping the center with wrist action lock requiring the operator to reach the top as well as the very bottom of the shade.

Roller shade cassette option  

SafeTech Cassette™
Add an optional decorative cassette housing to either our Safetech Clutch or Spring operating systems to conceal the shade and increase light control.

-Fabric is inserted into face for a uniform match.
-Extruded aluminum with high recycled content.
-Choice of Silver, White, or Dark Bronze
-Matching molded end caps

Roller shade fascia option



SafeTech Fascia™ or Head box

The industries largest hardware collection offering more solutions! Call today to discuss your unique installation!

-Extruded aluminum with high recycled content.
-Choice of Silver, White, or Dark Bronze
-Matching molded end caps and more!

Call today for additional info, specs, and pricing

Safetech Motorized Shade


SafeTech Total Motorization™ Technology
Motorization provides automated convenience and control as an ideal solution for large openings, heavy fabric loads, or simply for the fun of it!

-Direct A/C wire, Plug-in-wall, or Solar powered
-Healthy Low EMF, energy saving components.
-Wireless cost saving radio frequency technology.
-Handheld remote, wall switch, weather sensor, + more!
-Expandable versatile Individual or group control.

Please call our Certified Experts for details & pricing.

2 on 1 clutch rollershades with fascia option


Coupled or Banded
with or without fascia

- Because we specialize in doing without (chemicals etc!), we have numerous creative solutions for larger openings where fabric limitations or other control interests come to the forefront.

Call today for additional info, specs, and pricing.

Twin Shades with tracks


Twin Shade
Mount a solar screen fabric along with a light control or privacy fabric for the most versatile shading experience! 4" and 7" fascias available.

Black out
Theater spaces, labs, classrooms, and even bedrooms can receive the ultimate in light control with our optional extruded side and sill channel system.

Call today for additional info, specs, and pricing


- Due to the nature of the material: *color, grain, texture, privacy and light transparency may vary according to the inherent characteristics of the materials.

-Though we strive to control every last detail regarding our shade production, some patterns (including those that are GreenGuard or Oeko Tex certified) may not be suitable for our friends with chemical sensitivities. Please call for additional details.

-Some patterns may require additional operating options based on ordered dimensions, conditions, and or customer desires. An Earthshade Representative will assist with recommendations.

-Minor stretching and twisting is inherent to the materials and may require a varying amount of time to acclimate. Sun exposure may cause discoloration or fading

-Kindly see Order-Contact for Additional terms, conditions, and warranty details

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